Virat Kohli A ”Whistle Blower” Who Exposed DDCAs Corruption: AAP

31 December, New Delhi

AAP Thursday said cricketer Virat Kohli is a ”whistle blower” who exposed DDCAs corruption when Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely was the president of the sports body.

AAP said the DDCA had held a press conference yesterday claiming that there was no corruption in players selection in the DDCA under Jaitley. They had given Indian Test Captain Virat Kohlis example saying Virat Kohli would not have become Captain, had there been corruption in selection of players in the DDCA under Jaitley.

The Aam Aadmi Party in a statement said, ”It wants to put on record that if Virat Kohli is Indian Cricket team’s Captain today, despite corruption in players selection in the DDCA under Jaitley and not because of them as claimed by the people defending Jaitely yesterday.”

”In fact, Virat Kohli is a whistle blower, who exposed DDCAs corruption under Jaitely on December 12, 2015 in an interview to The Hindu. In the interview, he had said and quoted, Being ignored for the Delhi under-14 squad was shattering for me. You know well how the system works in Delhi. The option was to do someone a favour and get me into the team. That option was presented to my father and was promptly dismissed. Next year I got into the team on my credentials.

”Virat Kohli clearly said in this interview that his late father Prem Kohli, was approached for a favour, and when he dismissed the offer, Virat was ignored and not selected for under-14 squad. This happened between 2001 and 2003, when Jaitley was the DDCA president,” the AAP said.

AAP Thursday posed five questions for Jaitley on the issue. ”Mr Jaitley, will you please tell the nation, who in DDCA under you asked for favours from Virat Kohlis father for his selection in the under-14 team?

“Mr Jaitley, will you please explain why Virat Kohli was ignored when his father refused to meet the demand of DDCA office bearers under you?

“Mr Jaitley, will you please, at least now, come out and say sorry to the nation for rampant corruption in the DDCA during your tenure as President of the body?

“Mr Jaitley, can you deny the specific allegations made by Indian skipper Virat Kohli? ”

Mr Jaitley, will you please tell the nation how many talented players like Virat Kohli were denied a chance to play for Delhi, because their parents could not meet the demands made by DDCA office bearers underyou?”the AAP questioned.

”We sincerely urge Jaitley that after this expose` made by Kohli, he will not be targeted and hounded by you and his career will not be ruined,” the AAP said.

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