We must condemn all those sheltering terrorists: Modi

11 July, Nairobi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday said those who give shelter to terrorists and use them as political instruments must be condemned. He had also said that preachers of hate and violence are threatening the fabric of society.

Modi said this while addressing the students of the University of Nairobi in Kenya this evening.

Earlier today Modi had said that India and Kenya both agreed that terrorism and spread of radical Ideology is a threat to the world.

Modi cautioned the students that terrorism is an evil which knows no boundaries, no values, no religion, and they should be watchful of those who spread radical ideas. He urged the student community to build a counter narrative to extremists ideology.

Modi also told students that a safe and prosperous Kenya and strong Africa is your destiny and as you march towards your destiny, you will find in India a trusted and reliable partner. He reminded them that together India and Africa represent a third of humanity.

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